Indian Consumers Perception and Behaviour in 2013

Indian Consumers Perception and Behaviours in 2013

Consumer Behavior

  • Top Consumers Engagement in 2013 : Entertainment and Cricket
  • Top Mobile Searches in 2013 : Restaurants, Bars, Movies, Coffee, Cricket score and Fast food
  • Price remains the top motivator to override consumer buying decision and consideration in India
  • Which Sector/Categoy bags 70% of Wish-List! The Automobile, Consumer durables and Electronics
  • With smartphones getting cheaper in India, Mobile TV getting the highest attraction with 400% jump in viewership over 2012
  • Indian TV Viewers watched entertainment channels / programs the most in 2013. The overall entertainment sector was viewed 800% more than the Sports channels and 200% than the News channels
  • Online TV Viewership in India is Maximum during Prime time of 7 PM to 11 PM. General Entertainment Channels (GEC) wins the timeband of 7-11PM while Movie channels bags the first position in afternoon and early evening viewing
  • Ten percent of total Online TV viewing is after midnight where top choices are Video-On-Demand content and Sports channels
  • Indian Consumers are Inclined Toward These Top Products in 2013 by 75% : Smartphones, Laptops, Bikes and SUVs
  • A recent survey crux, 9 out of 10 Indians using the internet were planning on wishing friends and family a ‘Happy New Year’ via social networks like Facebook and Twitter

The main attributes motivating consumers purchase preferences for top categories :

  • Formal Wear : Style & Desgn, Price, Size, Color
  • Consumer Durables : Quality, Size, Style & Design
  • Electronics : Price, Quality, Design and Style


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